Voice Technology for Independence and Peace of Mind


Empowering seniors using Amazon Alexa Echo and supporting caregivers with ongoing mobile status updates and more



Daily wellness check-ins through Alexa that facilitate prolonged independence and provides medication and event reminders.



Keep your caregiver updated with event updates and notifications sent directly to their mobile device so they are always in the loop



Remote monitoring allows dispatch of necessary health personnel by virtual nurse when needed, for increased peace of mind at home.

A Ring of Support for our Aging Population

Increasing Prevalence of Dementia

While over half a million Canadians are currently living with dementia, this number is expected to double to over a million within 15 years. As the burden of disease grows, the number of caregivers and individuals affected by dementia will also continue to grow.

Why Ring of Support?

The goal of Ring of Support (RoS) is to prolong independence at home for the senior while providing peace of mind and a reduced burden of stress on the caregiver. With individuals being able to stay independent for longer, the demand on assisted living and long-term care facilities – which are expensive and currently at capacity – will be reduced. Real-time monitoring to notify caregivers and health service providers of abnormal/at-risk behaviour is what will allow for timely intervention and sustainable long-term health management of our aging population.

RoS is a personalized and multi-modal digital engagement platform created to support individuals who are living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early stage dementia, their caregivers, and care providers who are directly involved in their home or medical care.


Remote Monitoring

Real-time status updates, risk flagging and emergency dispatch mean caregivers get peace of mind knowing their loved one is doing well.

Multi-Modal Communications

ROS offers seniors and caregivers a variety of communication options to suit their individual needs. Choose from phone calls, text messages, emails or connect a Smart Assistant

Personalized Content

Information is tailored to the needs of users and adapts over time through two-way communications. Learn more about living with dementia and caring for loved ones.

Rapid Response

When a red flag or risk is identified the ROS system alerts and dispatches a nurse/support worker to the senior’s home to check-in and make sure everything is alright.

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